Software & Apps

Programming & Optimization

Together, we examine the entire information flow of your business. We analyze and optimize the following areas, among others

  • Web/CMS
  • Shop
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Office
    • VBA
    • Word, Excel, Access, Outlook & Powerpoint
  • Intranet
  • Affected Servers, Databases, Programs, Modules, Plugins, Scripts and Extensions

You will then receive recommendations as to what and with what programs and technologies can be designed, configured and programmed to achieve improvements



Your software will be designed and programmed with a modern user interface, also known as GUI, UI, User Interface. Thus you receive a high operating comfort. On all devices such as PC/Mac, Mobile and Tablet

License Costs & Extensions

Open source saves you license costs and increases the adaptability of your software.


Your programs are configured so that you need to enter less data. This saves you time and money, increases productivity, and reduces typing or copying and pasting errors


Protect yourself from hackers and outages. Your server and all programs will be set up to automatically update everything and create backups


Get the most out of your software and increase productivity. You learn how to make the most of all the features of your software. At your site or remotely via TeamViewer



We extend your existing software by combining or programming plugins, modules and extensions


Existing interfaces, API´s are being used, expanded or reprogrammed.

Frontend automation

If access to interfaces or databases is not possible, we can still increase your productivity by simply accessing and optimizing these programs from the user interface with e.g. AutoIt,VBA


Protect yourself from hackers and outages. Your server and all programs will be set up to automatically update everything and create backups

Software made to measure

If you are not satisfied with existing software and it is not sufficiently expandable, we will program and design your software according to your ideas.


Web Design & Programming

Web shop, web portal, web app, home page, website & web page creation.

Concentrate on your business and let us create the website. So you receive fast and simply a seductively beautiful, individual web page


Based on your goals and requirements, you will receive recommendations on the best technologies, concepts, sketches, and a time and execution schedule

Domain & Hosting

During a consultation you will be informed about domains and hosting. You will receive recommendations about the best web servers for all areas, whether static, WordPress or complex web apps / web platforms.

Individual Design

You choose a theme from hundreds, the template will be adapted to your individual wishes


Your website will work on all devices, whether desktop, smartphone or tablet

HTTPS/SSL encryption

Secure Google benefits and security with our free HTTPS/SSL encoding

Webshop & Payment

Your shop/platform and payment options are configured so that you can easily sell your products and services online. Created with WooCommerce, Shopware or other technologies


Website visitors love fast websites. Your website will be optimized so that it loads in a flash. Google and your visitors will love it.


Get help with content too, so create text and select and customize the right images, videos, icons and graphics

SEO & Google

Your website will be optimized for SEO so you can be found on Google

Google Business & Maps

Google Business & Maps makes it even easier to find you, especially locally

Imprint & Privacy Policy

Your Imprint & Privacy Statement will be kept up to date with the latest Swiss and European DSGVO, so you dont have to worry about legal issues


Get as many email addresses as you need. Set up on the Hosting/Server and on your PC/Mac and Smartphone/Tablets, by you and if necessary your employees.


No nasty surprises from hackers or outages. We take care of the maintenance, security, backups and updates of your website. You dont have to worry about that anymore and you dont have to plan and perform maintenance yourself.

Maintain content & support

A quick email or phone call is all it takes to update your content or fix your problem. Would you rather customize your web content yourself? Thanks to user-friendly CMS such as WordPress, this is no problem for you after a short training.



We create your website with WordPress or other CMS such as Grav, so you can maintain content yourself

Static website

You would like to leave the updating of your website to us and want a particularly fast and secure website? We will create your website with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Vue & Nuxt, React & Gatsby

Headless CMS

Thanks to our know-how, you dont have to choose between speed and ease of use. We create your website inFrontend with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Vue & Nuxt or React & Gatsby. And in the backend with a headless CMS like Strapi. 

Simple Webshop

Thanks to easy to use and extensible shop software such as WooCommerce, Shopware we can create your own shop at a reasonable price. 

Webapps & Webportals

We program and design complex web applications, web applications, portals in the frontend with HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap and React or Vue, and in the backend with e.g. Headless CMS, Node, PHP, Python and as databases e.g. SQL like MySQL, MariaDB or NoSQL like e.g. MongoDB. 


Online & Print Media

We help you promote and market your products and services


Design of graphics & print media

We help you to increase your awareness locally and offline by designing your business cards, flyers, brochures, leaflets and infographics and have them printed by our partner on request

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

We advise and support you in online marketing using the Google search engine. Our goal is to make sure that you are found well, and therefore on the first page, at the top of the well-placed search results. We rely on content, Google SEO, Google Adwords, Google Business, Google Maps and use all for you optimal social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Creation and procurement of content

With the optimal design e.g. of your website and marketing it is not done yet. Without convincing website content, you attract (make) visitors more difficult, but do not generate customers from it. We help you to convince visitors of your product or services by exciting web content and thus to sell it. In doing so, we rely on a wide range of multimedia services such as writing texts, procuring videos and photos or creating them through our photographer

Data collection

We would also be happy to support you in obtaining data for your marketing. Whether addresses, trade directories, competitive comparisons, we help you with the procurement with manual Google Research, Spider/Crawler/Bot or through our network of partners and interfaces

We look forward to your message!

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